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The Target Girl Podcast

Jun 27, 2018

Lauren Interviews Bella about what it took to achieve her goal of starting her own jewelry company (Origami Owl) at the age of 14! Bella gives encouraging advice on not listening to what others say that might bring you down, how to follow a dream, and a bit of relationship advice!




Jun 12, 2018

In this weeks episode, Lauren Interviews Taylor Christianson;

a coffee lover and soon to be business starter, she talks about what it takes to start a business without going to college and about her viral YouTube Video.




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Jun 1, 2018

Lauren Interviews Becca: a Registered Dietitian, YouTuber, and soon to be mom! Listen to find out more about their healthy lifestyle, the truth about foo labels, as well as why all diets fail!

TARGET TIME: At the end of the episode Becca talks all things target and her favorite non toxic healthy Target brands!